A Thanksgiving Message from My Queen of the Day

I used to live with these weird, religious, uptight, british people and every Christmas they would make us watch the Queen’s speech as some family tradition, before eating breakfast…it was their really boring tradition…. Well, when I saw this video of a Lohan making some insane statement with a snapchat filter, wishing you all a […]

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Nude Video of the Day

Yesterday – I wrote something along the lines of Alessandra Ambrosio is a VS model who is old, tired, boring, but has new fake tits that she likes to show off in her latter years….still under contract, making me assume her ALES collection of bathing suits isn’t competitive to her masters who own her, but […]

Woman Gives Thanks While MAsturbating on the Train and Other Videos of the Day

Jungle Sex by a Peeping TOm Car VS Truck’s Payload Dude Jerking Off at the Hair Salon Bro VS Stuffed Animals Dad Pulls Son’s Tooth Out With AUdi Thanksgiving Nightclub Shooting in LA Grandma Shoots the TV Because She’s Mad at her Soap Opera More from DrunkenStepfather Posted in:stepNEWS|Videos Source link