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This is a pretty absurd casting for a Gucci nightclub
campaign, unless they are trying to target the 45 year old
rich woman who just likes having a good time doing cocaine
like the sugar baby days now that her kids are off to summer
camp – as we all know rich summer camp sending parents love
to do…you know rich, free and surrounded by other rich and
free people, who figure there is finally some room to breathe
after getting knocked up at 25 by a 45 year old daddy who
gave them the good life…

Because this is definitely not designed to rich the young
millionaire who wants to get dressed up in Gucci…who wants to
party with a 45 year old model who is super fucking
photoshopped, even if she is still hot, has a good body, and
looks more like a woman than she ever has…maybe better
hormone therapy…who knows…

I just know she probably charged the brand 5 million dollars
for this – without the brand really looking into the fact
that no one, except maybe Tom Brady and their 15 kids gives a
fuck about this has been. She’s not even a Victoria’s Secret

Maybe they owed her a favor, or just have money to burn,
either way – it’s so weird..

This reminds me of a old lady letting loose and getting drunk
and inappropriate at a wedding or something – which I guess
makes people want to buy designer clothes…

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