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I’ve seen fat girls in bikinis..

I know fat chicks, I’ve fucked fat chicks, I’ve married fat
chicks, and one thing all fat chicks have in common, is a bag
of tricks to make them look less fat…

This is straight up look at her, where you can see that her
thighs aren’t rubbing together and she’s got some waist to
hip going on…which if you told her to go sideways, that
stomach definition is not from abs, but more from a gut she’s
letting hang out…while sucking in her sides…

I’d also like to see her back, to see the tape pulling in
that waist and thighs, because there’s a lot you can do as a
fat girl…when it comes to faking it…

I don’t know why this breast reduced after breast reduction
girl is a thing, but I guess American perverts are still into
the young girls on sitcoms…which amazes me in this era of you
not needing cable or to be polluted by such shit…but alas TV
and the child stars with tits so big they cut them off still

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