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winter (11)

winter (12).

You’d normally think that there is no such thing as pants that are too tight, and even when a fat ass squeezes into a size small and you can see the entire underwear or bare ass of the fat chick on the side walk in front of you – you think – those pants are fucking tight – but never too tight for me – just too tight for her – not knowing her size or that the world can see her asshole as she walks..

But Ariel Winter disgusts me – and her money, celebrity, or the fact she’s on TV WILL not make me see past the fact that she looks like a disgusting little troll pig…maybe it’s cuz I don’t get excited by tween tits on TV…or maybe it’s because I know a troll when I see one – and I normally try to run – unless it is 3 am – I am drunk and she’s willing to suck my cock…


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