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Bella Thorne is everyone’s favorite instagram star from some
Disney Channel shit who simulated an 18th birthday to
generate some buzz and garner some excitement about her and
her future career as the new slutty redhead with a fit body
and great tits…who you don’t know or really care about what
she does, or what she’s in, but if you’re like me you
appreciate that she’s actually on TV, rather than just
working for social media / even though she’s obvuously –
working it for social media…

We can all agree that all this garbage is just garbage…


Here she is after a colonoscopy we can assume is related to
an anal sex injury / colon injury / from anal sex – but maybe
she’s got other shitting related issues – which to all of you
– that’s hot…

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.39.25 PM

Here she is at the gym…so CASUAL….poses…not staged at all…in
what is the cheesy, and not in a good fake tan / fake tits /
big hair / jumping on a trampoline kind of cheesy…but the
“look at my intense look on instagram because instagram is my
fashion magazine I am the star of and you are all my peasants
who worship me”….garbage…

Here she is in bed with FROZEN yogurt that she edited out the
logo of – proving that she knows how to edit her photos –
using FACETUNE – like all these bitches trying to give
themselves smooth skin and waist to hip ratio….

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.36.42 PM

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