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This is one of the big tits from the bikini a day account on
instagram – where a couple whores with nothing going on
decided that if they wear a different bikini a day – they’d
be able to get a huge following and essentially become a
bikini blog where bikini companies and other beach related
brands can pay them stupid money to promote nonsense to their
fans of bikini loving perverts….

I don’t remember her name but I do appreciate her hustle,
seeing as she has monster tits, I doubt it was much of a
hustle, things sort of just fell into place, but I still
appreciate simple minded things they work out for simple
minded people..

The issue with these non models is that they are chubby, and
what was once instant gram – posting pics of your life –
turned into photoshopped photoshoots – all staged and fucking
lame –

It’s got to the point where every bitch just photoshops the
fuck out of themselves using an app called Facetune, but the
key is to not be too dramatic with it – otherwise it’s too
obvious…and you don’t recognize in person…if you ever meet
them in person you’re like “WTF Is that monster”….it’s really
that bad….I’ve seen it…

So some of these pics are their pictures – vs the paparazzi
pics their papaprazzi friend she called because there is no
way the paparazzi would know who the fuck these cunts are –
pics at Miami SWIM WEEK – for science… What does she tune on
her body?

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