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I used to hate these themed photoshoots that famewhores would
produce because they figured they would have a better chance
getting picked up by the media if they were to do something
relevant to whatever the holiday or the event was….

I would just look at the low level model, with low level
concepts, doing low level pictures with low level
photographers and laugh to myself, ignore them, then see them
on a bunch of thirsty for content blogs.

In my years of doing this, I have realized that even the top
shoots, the paparazzi pics, and really all content put out by
anyone is as desperate and low level as this, soo when I see
shit like this…I appreciate it for the raw, terrible,
lameness…because it’s just so bad it’s good…rather than so
bad trying to be good, pretending it is good, when pictures
are just fucking pictures and so easy to capture, even on

Point being, Nadeea Volianova may be a no one, her ideas may
be shit, but they make her look covered in shit and I think
that’s amazing…even if it’s fucking disgusting..

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