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If you know sluts, not that you should call anyone sluts, it’s wrong, only sluts can call themselves sluts, it’s a new era and you calling girls sluts is aggressive, misogynistic and seems like you are shaming them, instead of celebrating their empowerment and right to show the world their underwear…underwear that you’ll know in this 90s revival is back to Calvin Klein….a trend that will remind you how everyone is the fucking same – everyone is a fucking drone robot who shameless do the same thing, take the same pic, even if it’s been done and is boring….because it is all the same…so as a 50 year old pervert – I know what everyone is wearing under their clothes because they aren’t wearing clothes – and I appreciate that…

This is some photoshoot / catalog shoot for their new collection with some tits – not because Calvin Klein is paying me to post this, they should, but aren’t…but let me give them a free ad anyway – as a thanks for tricking girls into showing their cheap underwear they paid 30 dollars at the mall for…like it’s gold…are you kidding me….keep up the good work team.

Here are some pics from social media to express my joy for girls showing off their underwear….

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