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I like seeing these pictures of Candice Swanepoel making out
with her longtime boyfriend…who she is now engaged to,
because that’s how models do these things, they get old and
pregnant and are still hot, but the mom hot kind, which is
really only appealing to 60 year old billionaires, tired of
fucking the 20 year old models, because they just aren’t
serious enough…

The reason I like seeing these pictures of her kissing up on
her longtime boyfriend…is because I know people who have
fucked her in the last 10 years of her “dating” him…maybe
they were on a break, or maybe he was like “my girlfriend is
Candice Swanepoel, I’ll let her fuck anything she wants as
long as the money comes in, and if I stick with her, I’ll
marry her and we’ll make good looking babies, who cares who
she fucks for work, she’s a model and that’s code for hooker
anywhere, and no one needs to know, we can pretend it never
happened”….it’s usually the story of every wife, you know her
husband fucking hookers on business trips…but the opposite,
since she’s the one with the job and thus the dick…

I guess what I am saying is all relationships are lie, some
of them just have better asses..and make more money than

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