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Charlotte McKinney is such a whore…but she’s shameless and
she knows that the stars aligned in making her big tits go
viral when the only viral she probably thought she’d ever
have was the herpes she got back in College during Spring
break, but in the back of her mind, you know she would look
at other big tits and think “my tits are just as big,
therefore I should be as big”…

I don’t know if she gets paid, I know she’s rich and her dad
is some Tax evading Bahamian who finances her life with his
“jewelry” business…so she took her trashy rich kid with
access to a magical place…we call Los Angeles where big tits
get on TV and that’s pretty much all she’s accomplished…but
with big tits, puberty was the only thing she needed to
master and clearly she tit..

What I am saying is that people, you and me and everyone
between LOVE big natural tits…I blame breast feeding…


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