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Must see! Amazing! Watch till the end! How to enter the NAHA, what models to choose, the categories, what makes a great idea for the awards, plus fashion. HOW TO RINSE THE FOILS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE COLORS SO IT WOULD BLEED. Sue Pemberton explains how. Damien Carmey; expert in entering and winning North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA); great cuts, color, imagery, inspiration! Damien's amazing! Watch and learn presentation skills. Free training; Inspirational! How to use the photography angles to your advantage. Haircolor can have actual COLOR! Color advise. This video contains so much, that it is hard to describe all that is in it. You must watch it! From the ISSE NAHA TRAINING. Great video and how-to training for cosmetologists, barbers, aspiring NAHA applicants. Learn to create, present, and earn more money.




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