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Élodie Frégé is apparently Famous in France, which is kind of
like saying she’s famous in some small town in America no one
cares about, because really who the fuck is Élodie Frégé …

Well let me tell you who Élodie Frégé is…. she’s an actress
who hasn’t been in anything you’ve ever seen…but more
importantly, in 2004 she won a singing TV show like American
Idol in France…that was 12 years ago…and has since been
feauted in LUI MAGAZINE for FRENCH photographer and possible
nude model Genius David Bellemere…and I’m not just saying
that because Bellemere translates to STEPMOTHER and I AM A
STEPFATHER…making him my kindred spirit who likes making nude
girls look good, or making famous girls nude, but I’ll still
steal his pics…even of girls like Élodie Frégé who no one’s
ever heard of…

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