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Elsa Hosk is a Victoria’s Secret model, who was originally a
nude model, because nude models can break into the mainstream
unlike pornstars – so long as they fuck the right people…

Being a Victoria’s Secret model means she’s doing press and
this shoot is for Harper’s Bazaar Greece that is far less
Greek than I’d want it to be, if you know what I mean, and if
you don’t, I mean ANAL…they built an ancient civilization off
ANAL sex which I guess is what Hollywood did too, but not in
the same way…because Greece celebrated anal sex, while
hollywood pretends it doesn’t happen as to not upset the

EITHER WAY…there’s one semi panty in what looks like plastic
wrap…or what you’d use if you killed her and had to dispose
of her body…and if you know me…you know how much I love
fabric that doesn’t breathe – especially when it comes in
contact with pussy…


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