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Elsa Hosk is a Nude Model Turned Legit
Model thanks to the mall brand Victoria’s Secret.

I always assumed they brought her on as the Blonde to replace
Candice Swanepoel, since they generally replace models with
similar looking models, like they build these women in a lab,
but rather scour the world looking under every rock in the
third world…and in Elsa Hosk’s case – in every Ikea cashier
checkout counter because she’s Swedish….but Elsa has been at
this a long time and is 27…and so is Candice…meaning why
would they replace one 27 year old with another 27 year
old…when they can replace her with an 18 year old…like they
should…you know to get those 10 years out of a girl they are
using for the sake of selling sweatshop made
product..creating them like they have done so many times,
they have a system in place…like a fast food restaurant
chain…this is their BURGER recipe..

It doesn’t matter really, other than it being the era of
craving to see a model topless being long gone…you don’t have
to stare at the catalog thinking “I wonder how her tits look
without the airbrushing”…because thanks to the model
industry…all these girls get naked the first 5 years of
trying to breakout…

So I’ve seen Elsa Hosk naked, and now I’ve seen her in
instagram inspired styled catalog pictures used to sell
horrible, unethical, not made in America, panty resellers all
you idiots buy into…making them all rich…while giving you a
yeast infection.


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