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I don’t know why I think Emma Roberts is the greatest thing ever, but I have a feeling it has to do with her being skinny, the daughter of some broken down Oscar winning celebrity that probably gave her more than just a great allowance – but also some hefty emotional issues – making girl more fun to deal with….

I do know why I like these pics, because she’s got her foot up in her cunt, and if she was to just take off those damn pants and reposition herself, she’s flexible enough to foot fuck herself, which for anyone who has fucked a skinny chick will know, their pussies are so nimble and easy to fist because unlike fat chicks, they don’t have obesity weighing down, tightening up, taking up space that makes fisting more of a struggle…unless I am wrong and the skinny chicks I’ve fisted have been half dead crackheads who have had a handful of kids each…which is likely the case…but I’m allowed to analyze these pics however the fuck I want.

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