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Emma Stone is in Canada promoting some new movie at TIFF nd despite being an icon in the nerd porn world.

You know a girl in movies they all jerk off to – because she’s cute and accessible and got into the industry doing nerd-related movies as the love interest of the

I think she’s fucking weird looking. There’s something about her mouth, or face, or everything about her besides her round, tight, ass…that I find fucking irritating.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t K-Fed her, fuck I’d cum in anything I knew I wasn’t going to get arrested for cumming in, especially if it had nice California house with a pool I can lay next to drinking for free….all day…everyday…until I die…but that’s got less to do with Emma Stone and more to do with her being rich.

But maybe I just haven’t seen her naked enough – to really appreciate her – and remember that a bitch’s face or smug face or weird mouth doesn’t matter…her pussy does..


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