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Genevieve Morton is on a mission to get people to care about her – and she’s taken my advice by hitting the fucking gym – because there was a year or two where she was following her nemesis’ big titty lead – we call it “doing the kate upton” where she just got fatter and fatter – but thanks to not being in SI Swim, the only thing she’s ever done, and a little body shaming – led to some cross fit – and good eating – and a little effort – she looks like a totally different person, still has great tits…which is more evidence than we needed that choosing health and fitness – makes you easier to jerk off to – that dying and fat – but not quite up there with skinny and on hard drugs – too weak to run….you see cuz strong girls can hurt me when I call them names…and I’m not into getting hurt…I mean unless it was from Genevieve Morton looking like this – suffocating me out sitting on my face…

I guess what I am saying is that – at 29 – hit the fucking gym instead of giving up and you’ll have another year barely working as a model…as people will appreciate staring at the tits…

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