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Hailey Baldwin did a shoot for someone or something called
Damon Baker. I am going to assume it was a “creative” shoot,
not an actual brand shoot, because no one really gives a fuck
about Kendall Jenner’s friend who isn’t Gigi Hadid, but who
wants nothing more in this blessed world she lives in to be
Gigi Hadid…you know going to bed every night hating Gigi
Hadid for pulling off the scam the Baldwin wanted to…

These celebrity / LA Based / rich kids aren’t a new thing,
they are connected, their parents are egotistical narcissists
who are even worse than corporate executive rich parents or
real estate tycoon rich parents since celebs are the fucking
worst egos who never grow up, always on the verge of self
destructing and being into themselves, leading to some very
weird kids with lots of money, you’d expect to see hustling
instagram and the party scene for famous people to fuck, or
brands to play model for…

Hailey Baldwin is cute at best, her dad is Stephen Baldwin, I
find her uninteresting, but I find everyone
uninteresting…even when showing off her young round ass…

If you don’t like this baldwin, there’s a bigger baldwin,
less famous baldwin, with more famous baldwin
parents…Ireland…who gets naked for photos now..not because
she’s a Tranny Bathroom user…but because of her size…and
because she was doing the Hailey Baldwin get in the media
hustle before Kendall and Gigi went next level famous, not
for being worthy…but for having followers…

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