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I posted some of these pics of Jessica Simpson in a bikini
yesterday – where I said:

The most important pictures you will see today is Jessica
Simpson, the billionaire clothing brand owner, thanks to the
general public being low class, low income, shopping at
walmart, because it is all they can afford, and thus have no
taste, and think wearing Jessica Simpson designs is a taste of
Jesus loving Glamor, since Jessica Simpson is Texan her gay dad
a Preacher before being gay after whoring out his kid, even
though her shit isn’t American made…but rather from a
sweatshop…the Globalization that is even more American than
American Made, because there are less laws to follow when in
small town factory town China…

But you probably remember her as the popstar with big tits,
turned reality star who was dumb as fuck, before becoming a fat
as fuck mom with a Weight Watchers campaign that forced her to
eventually get to this bikini rockin’ body..

She’s old, her tits still big, her inner thighs fat, but
not disgusting, so we should celebrate this mid-30s Jessica
Simpson, looking better than late 20s Jessica Simpson, giving
hope to fat chicks everywhere, that if they were billionaires,
they could hire trainers and cooks to get them in bikini
fighting shape…

I don’t know if you’ll be able to jerk off to Jessica
Simpson today in Mexico, these are some spy pics, like it was
the 90s, and she was better in the 90s, so maybe we should just
use this to search old pics of her from the 90s…because life
was so much more simple to jerk off to bikini pics then…

I didn’t re-read my post, but if I said it, I stand by it,
especially if there are fat jokes, mom pussy jokes, and even
her dad being a homo despite being a Jesus freak..jokes…

I still think her spread leg pussy flash is the most important
work she’s done to date…


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