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I live in French Canada, so the name Jojo reminds me of some
toothless obese woman who reads tarot cards while sucking on
Maple Syrup and making Poutines smoking her ghetto cigarettes
in some small ghetto shanty town greasy spoon…you know the
kind of girl who was a hot, anal loving stripper up until 25
years old, before aging terribly like all french trash
does…so it is hard for me to take her seriously, but then
again, I don’t think anyone takes JOJO seriously, she’s was a
one hit wonder when she was a kid and perverts loved her,
only for her to take a decade off living off her small pile
of money and fucking black guys…but the last 2 years she’s
been back, trying to get attention and it’s come to this…

Posting nipples on snapchat in a see through for her fans
like some common instagram hooker trying to make her rent by
either recruiting her followers to send her money, or buy her
shit off her AMAZON wishlist, or to get more followers –
because that’s probably what she’s doing…and thank god it’s
come to this – because nipples are more fun than JOJO…

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