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Joy Corrigan is an up and coming model from Florida, who I
was told moved to LA as these girls do when they feel like
they out grow Florida, or when they dump their sugar daddies,
and need new sugar daddies to help get them to the place they
want to be…as the hot as fuck girl with the hot as fuck
body…who is just hot as fuck…

She’s been doing bikini shoots on instagram for a few years
now, she was friends with Charlotte McKinney, and before
McKinney become “famous” tits, they were both on the same
hustle, only this one was the nice one, while McKinney was
the cunt….They may still be friends, but who the fuck cares,
she’s topless in the water showing off some big fake tits on
her skinny fram…which as you know, is all that matters..in
this world…disease, global warming, racism, politics,
economy, poverty, doesn’t matter…what matters is tit…

So like Charlotte McKInney these are from Florida but in this
anti-florida with solidarity for Florida time…we should all
support Florida…remember that it’s more than just bathsalts
and all the crazy crimes…it’s also got trashy enough rich

I guess what I’m saying is that Joy Corrigan is great.The
Future. The now..

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