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Keira Knightley is a name you rarely hear, maybe because of BREXIT and her being from the UK, eliminated from the EURO that is our life…or maybe she’s just old, tired, married, a mom, working once or twice a year to maintain her lifestyle or to not watch her stupid pile of hollywood money dwindle…I couldn’t tell you..because I haven’t done a WIKIPEDIA search on her…but I guess I could….why bother…

Married or mom, old or not as old as you think she is, she’s still capable of being as boring as ever..but in the event she is a mom – be happy these are “classy” shots where baby damage like the ripped apart vagina and raped stomach aren’t showing….that shit’s awful to look at….however so is this…and some ARM in a sheer shirt…isn’t hardly fascinating….how about we try it again with more mom pussy lip…

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