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I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again…Kelly Rohrbach
was some low level bikini model from Sports Illustrated swim,
which I guess makes her not that low level, because SI Swim
is the top of the bikini model charts, you seen it’s that
stamp of approval that makes all your instagram whoring worth
your time and effort…you know because without a publication
to publish you – you’re just doing it for yourself and that’s

I think she did one or two issues because she’s still young
in the scene and in being young in the scene, that means she
has already been one of the models Leonardo DiCaprio
co-signed with his penis or at least by promoting to the
world as his girlfriend, because he may be gay…

Before turning her over to his film producer friends, who
cast her as Pam Anderson in the Baywatch remake no one needs
to see because it’s going to suck and you can see all these
bitches in bikinis without the storyline on the internet.
It’s kinda what they do…

Now Leo has moved onto old timer Nina Agdal – who has been
around for a while, because I guess he likes his whores more
seasoned and mature….you know where she’s trying to get
pregnant to make it all worth it and to make sure

While Kelly’s just getting her career started, all being
promoted in GQ UK…in a bathing suit..

She’s hot…Like I always say….good enough for leo goood enough
for me…I mean good enough for a homeless man good enough for
me is my other saying…I have no standards or taste – but
appreciate this..

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