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I bet black guys, on this not so white Christmas, are loving
this glittery fat ass implant ass on a very large, random
shade of shit colored, clown make-up, large and in charge,
Kardashian, who as we all know is probably OJ Simpson’s

She’s like a horrible, terrifying Christmas ornament no tree
is strong enough to support, even if she has the bone
structure of something that lives in the trees, or in a cave,
or wherever monsters live..

I Don’t really understand why she’s doing these nude shoots,
but it is safe to say she’s been working out and wants to
play make-belief, like a bootleg Kim K, as the family puts a
lot of importance on this behavior…and she’s been too ugly to
do this kind of behavior…until now…never too late to get
naked…except when you’re Khloe Kardasian, in which case…keep
your pants on…

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