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Kylie Jenner is such a little fucking pig of a girl. Her face
so mangled she looks like all the bootleg kardashians on
social media with their faces filled..giving them this old
weathered stripper look at 18…I’d say she’s become pug faced,
with those big puffy chemically filled cheeks, but I am a pug
owner and pugs are everything and there is no way I’d like to
compare this garbage to something so majestic…however, I do
think you could pull off a parody of the Kardashians staring
pugs, but the pugs will probably have more intellectual
things to say than a Kardashian…

What I’m getting at is we can hope the Kardashians end, and
the biggest victim of the clan will be this one, unaware of
what life outside of Karadashian is, self destructing when no
one cares about her lips or make-up…left with lots of money
she can use to buy drugs to hopefully overdose on…

She’s just a doughy, looks like meat is stapled onto
her…racially ambiguous monster…cultural appropriator despite
being void of culture while being totally representative of
American culture…

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