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Lais Ribeiro is still new blood Brazilian 20 something year
old model for Victoria’s Secret….to me…

I don’t jerk off to the Victoria’s Secret catalog now that
the internet exists, so I don’t really keep track of who
they’ve cloned or recruited to replace the existing talent…

I assume they created this one to be the next Adriana Lima
now that Adriana Lima is old, thick and a mom, cuz that’s
what her Catholic anti-contraception did to her….and she is
fucking amazing….

I assume they are letting her nipples in a sheer shirt show
through like it was the 70s and this was the sears
catalog..but only because free the nipple and feminism gets
mad when they say “sheer top but not in our marketing of
sheer top because Jesus people are crazy”…..

Either way, she’s all ethnic looking…in pics that are all
INSTAGRAM looking…soaked in piss filter…is what I call it…

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