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Lily Rose Depp is 17 years old, so don’t sexualize her you
pervert, I am just posting her prom dress to celebrate youth,
that is probably pretty racy, because she is rich and this is
the era of 12 year olds at anal sex gangbang parties thanks
to growing up on porn, not to mention she’s got a French
mother, and historically the french are pretty laid back
about sex and partying and she’s got crazy domestic abusing
dad and a crazier opportunist step mom who is also a domestic
abuser – trying to get in on her inheritance that are too
busy being ridiculous to pay attention to her…

I have friends who have been at parties drinking next to her,
not knowing she was 15 at the time, it was during Coachella,
and while most 15 year olds go to concerts with their
parental subervision, she was being hollywood glamourous…the
kind of 15 year old 25 year olds in bands probably had sex
with – but don’t sexualize her…she’s 17..you have to wait 11
months before she becomes a sexual object – unless you’re a
school teacher – in which case you probably love this prom
dress porn – prom dresses that once represented lost
virginity….an that last night of innocence…something I’m sure
Lily Rose is…at least based on living that model life…

She’s definitely – one of my favorites to look out for, the
future, and this look, this hair is what all the the young
youngs are about – they are all also skinny, not on Facebook
or really instagram – and are a lot more interesting than the
27 year old social media whores before them.

I’m just surprised she went to school / graduated school….one
of her homies is Kevin Smith’s daughter – in black…trouble…

The latest news is that her stepmom is pregnant with her
future half sister – because that’s how dysfunctional
behavior works…when you get in with a gold digging
opportunist lesbian…idiot…Johnny Depp, but at least he made

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