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I guess I should do a titty post, I’m too busy trolling
social media, you know since people don’t care about websites
anymore – or what website people have to say – because we
aren’t relevant on Instagram or some shit…like we were
Madison Beer, a youtuber who was hired by Bieber or signed to
Bieber in exchange for sex…because he likes underage girls,
or has historically, from Selena Gomez to pre-18 Hailey
Baldwin…to this one…who is doing some YOGA bullshit with her
tits hanging out for no reason besides getting paid…which
takes out the excitement in it, the creep factor, all the
good..it’s like I want my voyeurism to feel authentic and
organic, not something fed to me…it’s the same reason I hate
porn…it’s so fucking structured and monetized like a science,
whatever happened to just two people fucking…while I hide on
their fire escape and watch…if you know what I mean.

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