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I know what you’re thinking “I wonder if Megan Irwin is Steve
Irwin’s daughter, you know the Crocodile Hunter, because that
would be amazing, that guy was great before being dead”…

Because that is the only Australian Irwin I know, and you
work by associatio because you’re half retarded and don’t
think rationally that another Irwin could grace this earth..

Then you find out that this Megan Irwin, the most incredible
looking model I’ve seen today, is actually Australian and
assume that they must be related, that’s how she got into the
industry, through ZOOLOGY, because Australia is an island
populated by criminals from the Europe, leading to a limited
depth in gene pool, but then why are all Australians so good
looking, drunk, and a good time…if incest was really as bad
as the hicks in the Ozarks make it look…

Either way, Australia or not, I’d still fuck her if she was
my sister…that’s what this is about right? Megan Irwin being
the future or something? Right…

BONUS – She’s one of the babes in Mario Testino’s Vogue
Australia Shoot