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Apparently Miley Cyrus is back with her “fiance” Liam

In case you don’t remember, before she went off the fucking
rails and became the Miley Cyrus people actually cared about,
she was engaged to Liam Hemsworth….

You know the Queer or Bisexual, genderless, pussy pretty much
spread in every photoshoot she did, in outrageous costumes,
trying to be weird, but pretending it happened organically,
while the analytical mind and pretty much everyone except
some basic kids and old people knew she was ripping off some
weird tumblr personalities, shamelessly, getting rich off the
ideas of others, like she was Amy Schumer stealing jokes and
getting famous for it, all to make her connect with the
people who don’t see right through her bullshit…all while
showing tits, making it worth looking…low hanging fruit..

Well, she’s just a Disney star, phoney bullshit…and I’m all
for her showing us her tits…even when I know everything else
about her is a fucking lie…including but not limited to this
publicity stunt with her ex because these Hollywood types,
even when they play the “I dont give a fuck”…actually care
and crave being talked about…

Under all her costumes and silly is the exact same lame girl
she was 4 years ago….which is why she’s gone back to
this…after fucking a lot of people during their break…not the
Hemsworth cares, he’s just in this for the press.

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