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Miley Cyrus looks well rested and normal – because her whole Miley Cyrus nude hipster from tumblr who liked crazy patterns and weird and obscure cartoon things – like Emojis and prosthetic tits – trying to claim being feminist, activist and it really connected to the kids who follow her – since kids these days are so fucking shallow and exposed to pop culture, pop music, and love everything about it – when I remember a time when the cool kids discounted that shit, wouldn’t be caught dead at the shit – but the media industry has won…they have Josie and the Pussycat-ed us – with social media and constant reminders – making a girl semi relatable – semi cool – forcing the world to think she’s legit, an artist and not the Disney trained media expert fucking you all out of your money and time – listening to her music she is….why? Because the people who think of her as cool or an artist are just as shallow and vapid as she is. The same kind of girl taking a selfie on the toilet and writing something dark and ironic about shitting out their soul or something – while cutting themselves to act like they have depth…but really they are just bullshit mall shoppers.

It’s all a lie…

What isn’t a lie is that this barely a farm girl, yet rocks a southern accent, despite having been raised in LA and trained to make accents in acting school after her parents sold her off….loves playing up the inbred hick thing and not just with her face, but also with pigs….she’s feeding in a bikini….

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