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The Burkini was just banned on the beaches of Cannes, so I decided to make a tribute video to the beauty of swimming fully clothed for the sake of religion, because you don’t need to be half naked to enjoy the sea…..

I’ve seen women rocking the burkini at the local pool, at the beach, in pictures and I find the whole thing ridiculous unless you have a sun alergy, up on some Ginger shit, mainly because I am a pervert who likes half naked sluts…

But then again, if everyone wore a bikini, maybe I’d be able to jerk off again…to normal things…like a woman’s ankle…I won’t need spread asshole anymore…I’ll be reset and back to normal..

I don’t hate one religion, I hate all religion, get it together people, it’s called Science…so dressing like this in the South of France, the land of toplessness – should be banned for raining on our pervert parade…

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