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Like any husband who has knocked up his wife and is forced to
deal with the pregnancy…I don’t think there is anything hot
about a pregnant chick…other than that the pregnant girl in
question lets dudes cum inside them..whether it’s husband or
boyfriends…I approve of the creampie…it’s my favorite kind of
pie…more American than Apple pie…

There’s a window of opportunity where a pregnant chick, as
long as she’s pregnant with another dude’s kid, is
hot…otherwise those good months of pregnancy go unappreciated
knowing bitch is trying to ruin your life…and make it more of
a nightmare…but when she’s pregnant with someone else in the
first few weeks, you can’t get her pregnant and you can
statistically assume she’s got no STDs as the doctor checks
for that, while appreciating her hormonal tits…

Bar Refaeli, married model, is no longer in that zone, but
some really lonely and sad people love Ready to Drop porn….so
here it is….

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