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Selena Gomez is in a bikini….sucking on a popsicle…like a
little slut form her Springbreaker movie that she produced
under a fake name….like she was Taylor Swift writing shitty
dance songs for Rihanna and her boyfriend of the minute
Calvin Harris…because Selena Gomez at the time was committed
to her vanilla image and is now following her idols Miley
Cyrus and Taylor Swift and embracing the slut….the
edginess…that makes the idiot youth think she’s more legit
than she actually is…when we all know she’s just a well
trained puppet.

I guess what it comes down to is that this really looks like
every kid I’ve seen dying off his chemotherapy treatments she
was so quick to say she was getting – while partying everyday
– to get the sympathy vote and that was the day I decided
that Selena Gomez is fucking dog shit, garbage, manipulative
and even her bikini pics are garbage…bieber fucking garbage…

But people still want to fuck her, I mean you don’t have to
think about all that is wrong ith her when sitting in her
penthouse hotel room in a squat pissing on her assistants
face while you watch…or whatever it is the kids are into
these days…I just know they are the fucking worst.

Here she is in some magazine

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