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Apparently this is – Selena Gomez – in her best picture in
the history of any picture she’s ever done. I’m actually
starting to understand the hype that is Selena Gomez…all it
took was hitting her from the right angle and not in a Chris
Brown kind of way, or even a Bieber’s ejaculate against her
cervix kind of way, but in a hip, modern, one piece bathing
suit that stages her puffy steroid from lupus cheeks in a way
that doesn’t make her look like a cartoon character…

I rarely think that Selena Gomez is hot, I usually am blinded
by knowing she’s media manipulator, highly trained by the
Disney school of entertainers, and that alone made her
irritating about Bieber sex offending, about her LUPUS and
her CHEMO to treat her LUPUS and the fact that she’s gone
into pop star world…when she’s an actor as a fucking cash

But her implants are cool right…

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