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Shay Mitchell is a Canadian actress who is ok looking, but
more importantly, willing to post semi slutty pics, you know
calculated slutty pics, as to not piss of her sponsors,
agents or employers, because thanks to being on a hit show,
she’s got 10,000,000 instagram followers, and that is pretty
fucking huge, since it’s bigger than the population of Canada
with an internet connection, even if 9 million of her fans
don’t interact with her fucking picture…the above pic of her
fucking ass in paradise has 400k likes…meaning 400,000 people
saw it out of 9.9 million people, maybe the other 9.5 million
people were out at lunch or taking a nap or some shit…

Either way, she’s famous, on TV, she’s rebranding herself,
creating young adult fiction she’ll probably produce as a TV
show or movie, and it’s all much more effective and clever
than what most of you fools are doing…which is looking at her
calculated ass pic


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