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Shay Mitchell is getting racy on instagram!!

The truth is that she’s a clever Canadian who is not taking
the other Canadian bitch’s lead, the one from 90210 who got
breast implants and is struggling as an instagram whore after
being on tv…I think her name is Jessica Lowndes, I try to
ignore her – she’s that annoying…

Where as this Shay girl, is pushing her celebrity from every
angle, probably because she started out on Degrassi with
Drake and together they discuss media manipulation – she’s
taking her 12.2 million fans from the Pretty Little Liars
show, she’s produced a series of teen drama books that she’ll
license to TV / Movie / Netflix and cash the fuck in, she’s
instagram modeling and growing that out, all because being
typecast as some bullshit character on a hugely popular show
is a fail…

So in instagram modeling – she’s posting sheer photoshoots
that she can pretend are “artistic”…even though they are
clearly just for attention seeking…it’s the right kind of
attention seeking…

From rich kid from rich family in West Vancouver, to rich kid
from rich family who got a TV show turned media brand….with
subtle nudity….I appreciate even though I can tell she’s the
fucking worst…

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