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I used to pretend to be a girl and sext dudes, like a creep who
found comedy in making dudes jerk off to me pretending to be a 14
year old girl who takes them to garden shed where I make them
fuck me with a screwdriver like they were my dad…until telling
them I was a dude…in an era where anonymous on the internet was
more important than fame on the internet. Pretty gay right…

Today, I was sexting a girl…and she started it off “going to the
bathroom to wash my hands first”…bringing hygiene on the
“changing my tampon” level of hotness to an otherwise romantic
time. I mean I guess I like an anal retentive girl who won’t
touch her pussy without washing her hand first. Meticulous…even
creepy…like a horror movie..with a vagina. I’m a fan..

All this to say…It’s the first day of Black History Month. What
are you doing for the first day of Black History Month….

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